One of the coolest pieces of wearable tech I’ve seen lately. Judging by how it shows in the video, it sure looks as slick as it can get. Amazing!

The smarter companies become about business processes to make things, the dumber they become about the people who they sell to.

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"The inability of people to see the positive trends through the sea of bad news - that may be the bigger stumbling block on the road towards abundance."

Couldn’t be more true. Loving it.

Every now and then I get hit by something that reminds me of the many reasons why I like sports so much and why I consider it to be one of the great, if not the greatest, tools to teach us core values and social skills.

This current NBA season saw 2 great and very well known players switching teams, together, from the Boston Celtics to the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are both are at the end of their careers and took this move as part of a true constant which is giving room to youngsters to step up.

As they came back to play at Boston for the first time after the trade, they were surprised by in-game tributes payed to honor their work and effort with the Celtics, which lead to an end of the 23 year title-less streak in 2008.

It’s impossible not to get emotional with these videos. The tribute the Celtics did is so so full of sophisticated touches, it just feels absolutely fulfilling. From the soundtracks, through video parts of important moments from each player’s career to mashups with movie scenes. It’s stunning.

And most importantly, the crowd’s reaction, as shown on one of the two videos, when they held a sign saying TRUTH, which as Pierce’s nickname.

Those simple gestures that touch these core values, is what sports is very good at teaching us. If we stop to think of the concept of TRUTH, for instance, it’s easily spotted on the night-in-night-out constant delivery of answers on court, in this case, throughout Pierce’s career.

It’s reminds us that TRUTH is something we seed and grow, everyday.

Here’s the video from the Paul Pierce’s tribute:

I’m curious not only to read what these four practical approaches are, but also to see where human anxiety and its ever-lasting-insane-search-for-the-endless-profit-at-all-costs-even-if-it’s-at-our-own will finally end.

Another masterpiece from Tina Seelig - so good! Reading her books feels like an empowering opening of the eyes to the world around us. Makes me want to read it all over again.

Now, moving towards Abundance, from Peter Diamandis who blew my mind since I watched the TED talk under the same name, a few years back. Insanely looking forward to it!